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When the heat and chaos of the city gets too much, head to the Princes' Islands for a glimpse into life as it was in Istanbul.
The Princes’ Islands are a chain of nine islands in the Sea of Marmara, four of which can easily be reached from the city centre. The origins of the Islands' name has an interesting history. During the Byzantine and Ottoman eras, princes and other royalty who were seen as challengers to the throne were exiled there.
The Princes’ Islands are a popular summer house destination for the rich and famous of Istanbul. Locals and tourists come in droves, especially during the summer months, to enjoy the pine forests, religious and historical sites, beaches and eateries of the Islands.
Buyukada (‘large island’) is aptly named for the fact that it is the largest of the nine islands. It’s also the furthest from the mainland.
One of the little-developed beaches outside Istanbul, Agva is a popular swimming, fishing, hunting, camping and hiking spot for locals. Situated less than 100 km from the city centre, Agva lies between the Goksu and Yesilcay rivers.
Though it has a scattering of hotels and restaurants, Agva has fewer facilities than nearby Sile, making it a peaceful getaway spot during the summer months. The beach itself stretches about 3km long and is surrounded by verdant forests.
The Agva area has traces of human settlement going as far back as the 7th century BC, and some Roman artifacts such as the ruins of a church and graveyard remain.
There is a large market in Agva town every Friday which stocks a delicious array of fresh and organic produce.
During summertime, lifeguards are stationed at the beach to keep an eye on swimmers as the sea tends to be unpredictable and occasionally dangerous.
-River activities
Burc Beach Club
Burc Beach Club is situated on a 1 km long sandy strip on the beautiful Black Sea coast in Kilyos. This popular beach club belongs to Istanbul’s Bogazici University’s Alumni association and hosts a number of live DJ performances as well as the annual Kiteboardpro World Tour.
The large waves and expansive beach make Burc Beach an attractive place for a variety of leisure sports such as kite-boarding, beach volleyball, football, sailing, windsurfing, and surfing. There are sun umbrellas and a lively beach bar to keep visitors entertained.
Caddebostan Plajı
The best of the Anatolian side's Marmara Sea beaches, Caddebostan was recently re-opened to sun seekers. With free entrance and a convenient location near Bagdat Street, this beach tends to get packed with locals during the warmer months, especially during school and university holidays.
Caddebostan’s beach is almost a kilometre long. It has deck chairs and umbrellas, changing cabins, lifeguard towers, a shower/changing cabin area and small kiosks selling snacks and drinks as well as some decent restaurants nearby.
There are many buses and dolmuses making the journey from Taksim Square and Kadikoy in the direction of Bostanci; ask the driver to get off at ‘sahilden’ (at the sea). Get off in Caddebostan by the Migros MMM Supermarket and walk through Dalyan Park in the direction of the sea. Then head to right and walk about 200 meters. You will see the beaches.
Dalia Beach Club
Dalia Beach Club was founded in 2002 in Kilyos on the Turkish Black Sea coast with the aim to bring the "Mediterranean atmosphere to the people in the Black Sea". This relaxing beach has many green areas and a range of facilities such as bars, a restaurant, a beach volleyball field, magazine and book reading area, private security and a parking lot with capacity for 1,000 cars.
Dalia Beach Club is a popular place to come for leisure activities such as trekking, beach volleyball, peddle boating, surfing and canoeing.
Hungry guests can head to the on site restaurant, which is open all year and serves a delicious array of food and drink, from full Turkish breakfasts to fresh fish and vegetables.
Dalia Beach Club is open year round.
Galatasaray Adası
This man-made islet in the middle of the Bosphorus is one of the trendiest hang outs for locals in summer. Home to several bars, restaurants and swimming pools, it is a one-of-a-kind recreation and entertainment centre. Granted to the Ottoman court architect in the 19th century, the Island was rented out to a ferry company and was later used as a coal depot.
In 1957, one of Turkey’s most prominent sports clubs, Galatasaray S. K., bought the island and continued to develop it for sporting activities. In 2002, Galatasaray Island underwent extensive renovation to make it the recreation hub it is today. The island is open to the public.
One of Istanbul’s top nightclubs, Suada is situated here. With a swimming deck, several restaurants and an Olympic sized pool with 360° view of the Bosphorus, Suada is a popular venue for beach parties and is available to hire for private functions.
Golden Beach
Golden Beach is situated in Rumelifeneri, where the Sea of Marmara and Black Sea meet. This popular beach club offers a wide range of leisure facilities and dining and drinking options. The club also has a boutique hotel and charming bungalows on-site for those visitors who prefer to spend the night at the sea.
Golden Beach Club has an impressive range of leisure facilities including beach volleyball, paddle-boating, a rock-climbing wall, mini-golf course and walking track. After an active day, the on-site Camping Restaurant, Kir Kahvesi, Snack Bar and Beach Bar provide a relaxing and refreshing place to take a break and enjoy anything from fresh fish to cool cocktails.
The beach opens at 8am each morning but there is no closing time.
Kilyos Plajı
The golden sands of Kilyos stretch out to the dark waters of the Black Sea. This resort village is located about 35 km from the city center and is a popular getaway for residents of Istanbul during the summer months, who come here to enjoy the sea breeze, refreshing waters or to party.
There is a wide range of accommodation available in Kilyos to suit all budgets including hotels, guesthouses and camping. Various beach clubs operate in partitioned areas including: Dalia Beach, NonStop Beach, Solar Beach and Uzunya Beach, which offer activities such as beach volleyball, sailing, trekking and windsurfing and have their own restaurants, bars and beach umbrellas.
Burc Beach belongs to Istanbul’s Bogazici University’s Alumni association and hosts a number of live DJ performances as well as the annual Kiteboardpro World Tour. Visitors are welcome though discounts are available for university students, alumni and BUMED members.
Though small, Kilyos village has a number of convenience stores, grocery stores and pharmacies as well as some decent restaurants and nightclubs. Many locals like to pick up supplies in the village and have a picnic on the beach.
The sea tends to be unpredictable at Kilyos, with big waves and dangerous rip currents passing through. Swimmers should exercise caution and check the conditions before venturing out, and should stay inside the cordoned off areas.
Naki Bey Plajı
Naki Bey Beach Club has been open since 1984. This family business on Buyukada on the Princes’ Islands offers a range of facilities in addition to its beautiful beach. The shallow sea and on-site trained lifeguard and first aid doctors make this popular beach club a safe and fun option in Istanbul.
There is an on-site restaurant and kiosk offering delicious breakfasts, barbecues, fast food, olive oil dishes, salads and borek.
Comfortable bungalows are also available for rent at Naki Bey Beach Club. The 4 bungalows have a terrace with magnificent sea views and is spacious and offer air conditioning, 24 hour hot water, showers, wireless internet and satellite TV.
Naki Bey Beach Club can be reached on foot or by horse drawn carriage.
Non Stop Beach Club
Non Stop Beach Club in Kilyos is famous for its wide range of activities and active entertainment options. There are cafes and restaurants, a beach bar and a terrace bar on site and regular concerts, DJ sets and beach parties take place here.
Leisure activities offered by Non Stop Beach Club include tennis, basketball and football as well as a range of water sports such as jet skiing, banana boating, canoeing and water paddling. Non Stop also organises competitions on a regular basis.
Non Stop Beach Club is open everyday from 8 am - 8 pm.