Halı Müzesi Halı Müzesi
Adres: Cankurtaran Mah., Babı Hümayun Caddesi Soğukçeşme sok. Fatih
Telefon: (0212) 512 6993
Web Sitesi: www.halimuzesi.com
Çalışma Saatleri: Hergün: 8:00-16.00
Pazartesi kapalı
The museum (Halı Muzesi) contains a large board illustrating the motifs to be found on the carpets although individual pieces are rather underwhelming. Large illustrations reproduce famous Western paintings that include representations of oriental carpets and that led to some of them being described as Holbein or Lotto carpets.
Most impressively a painting that is reproduced all over town, Jean Leon Gerome's 1887 The Carpet Market, has been blown up to life-size, then animated to suggest that it's actually taking place.
The museum is housed in the Imaret, Soup Kitchen, which was added to Ayasofya in 1743 during the reign of Sultan Mahmud I.