Adalar Müzesi
Museum of the Princes’ Islands is the first contemporary city museum of Istanbul.
It tells the story of the Islands from the geological formation of the Islands to the present day, displaying hundreds of objects and utilising twenty thousand Ottoman archival documents, six thousand digital photographs, hundreds of documentary films, documentation and filming of today’s Islands, archival records of public institutions of the Islands, temporary and permanent donations of the Islanders.
Arter opened in 2010 to offer a sustainable infrastructure for producing and exhibiting contemporary art.
Arter has been presenting solo and group exhibitions with the aim of providing a platform of visibility for artistic practices and encouraging production of contemporary artworks through the support it provides in the context of these exhibitions. Arter's programme also features publications that accompany each exhibition.
Askeri Müze
The Military Museum (Askeri Müze) commemorates the long and storied history of one of Turkey’s most central institutions. Thousands of artifacts of conquest and war fill the museum’s more than twenty rooms. The items span across one thousand years of Turkish and Ottoman military history, from the swords of Suleyman the Magnificent to the “Hall of General Kenan Evren”, the leader of the 1980 military coup.
However, the main attraction is the Mehter Takimi or Janissary Band, advertised as the world’s oldest military musical band. In costume and toting kettledrums, oboes and cymbals, the band plays every afternoon between 3 and 4 pm.
Bahçeşehir Koleji Çocuk Bilim Müzesi
Bahcesehir College Science Museum is 9 km (5 mile) far to Istanbul centrum. One of the newest museums of Istanbul opened in June 2008 inside the Bahcesehir private highschool. The museum has several tools and work stations aiming young children to explore the scientific world. Young visitors can test and learn several facts of science and physics at the interactive stations and research labs. There is also a planetarium, sky observation station, and a 3-D movie theater for scientific educational films.
Basın Müzesi
The Press Museum (Basın Müzesi) offers the enlightening opportunity to explore the world of the Turkish press, which dates back to the 16th century. The Fossati brothers and grand vizier Saffed Pasa respectively designed and built the 19th century stone mansion in which the museum is currently located.
Alongside of the wealth of artifacts, the museum also houses a café and gift shop on the ground floor.
Exhibited pieces include a giant lithograph machine from 1870, an equally old German offset printing machine, and cameras that once belonged to famous journalists. The museum also possesses copies of newspapers from the early Republican era, including one from 1928 that is published in both Arabic and Roman scripts which was prior to Ataturk’s banning of Arabic as part of his modernization program.
BJK Koleji Bilim Müzesi
The first museum to be opened on a high school campus in Turkey, BJK College Science Museum, brings together children and juniors aged between 4 and 15 to to demonstrate the fundamental principles of science.
The learning stations located at points all round the museum aim to explain the effects of science and technology on our daily lives. The museum also contains a space simulation room and an observatory. Students see the subjects that they encounter in their science and mathematics lessons and through carrying out activities at the learning stations and operational experimental laboratories see the concepts they have encountered come to life so better understanding the basic principles. A number of activities are held at the museum on a monthly basis: including workshops, demonstrations and scientific activities presented from the museum stage are carried out.
Borusan Contemporary
Borusan Contemporary is a multi-platform program of exhibitions, events, educational activities, new commissions and site specific installations rooted in Borusan Contemporary Art Collection.
These activities are defined by their specific focus on media arts broadly defined, ie artists who work with time, light, technology, video, software and beyond. The entire building including the galleries, office space, café, Borusan ArtStore and outdoor terraces with breathtaking views of the Bosphorus are open to the public on the weekends.
- Education Programs
- Summer & Fall School
- We’re reading Contemporary Art
- Workshops for Children
Büyük Saray Mozaik Müzesi
This museum (Büyük Saray Mozaikleri Müzesi) is situated just off Sultanahmet Square and houses the mosaics uncovered from the remains of the Great Palace of Constantinople, which was originally built in 328 as a counterpart for the Palatine Palace in Rome and re-built during the reign of Byzantine emperor Justinian I around 550, just before the building of Hagia Sophia.
The museum is situated near the palace itself, and the mosaics, which formed the peristyle courtyard, were unearthed beside the Arasta Bazaar in the 1930’s and 1950’s. The mosaics are shown in the museum in the form that they would have appeared in the courtyard. They are made up of an estimated 80 million tesserae of colored glass, brick, limestone, and semi-precious stone.
The pictures depicted on the mosaics are mostly of everyday Byzantine life; hunters spearing a tiger, monkeys catching birds, children herding ducks, and a man milking a goat, among other things. Most interestingly, there is a scene depicting children playing with a hoop, wearing green and blue colors that are thought to evoke the famous “Greens and Blues” of the racing chariot teams at the Hippodrome.
Deniz Müzesi
Housing the largest collection of naval artifacts in Turkey, the Maritime Museum (Deniz Müzesi) commemorates both the Ottoman and Republican legacy at sea.
Established in 1897, the museum was moved to its current waterfront location in Besiktas in the 1960’s. A few minutes’ walk from Dolmabahce Palace, the museum’s closest neighbor is the mausoleum of Barbaros Hizir Hayrettin Pasa, a celebrated Ottoman admiral.
The Deniz Muzesi ,Naval Museum, has opened its doors to the public once more, after being closed for renovation. There is an impressive collection of Imperial Caiques, ornately gilded with eagle figureheads striking a pose at the front of the boats. They have luxury kiosks where the Sultans or their harems would have sat to travel in ultimate style.
ACTIVITIES: The collection of the museum consists of approximately 20.000 objects. The main exhibition building has three floors and covers a total of 20.000 square meters. The museum serves its visitors according to the new museology concept with 4 main galleries, 2 exhibition rooms, kids' room, cinevision, auditorium, 2 art galleries and 2 foyers.
Discovery Museum
The Museum is a magical place for young children to grow discover a world just their size. It is a place where fun and learning go hand in hand. Its a great place to imagine, discover and explore.
The Garden State Discovery Museum was proud to lend its expertise to the Istanbul Discovery Museum in an exclusive proprietary agreement with its founders. The GSDM worked hand in hand with IDM to design the museum, its programs and will continue to lend support as it opens its doors to a wonderful new community half way across the world!
They hope you will join them in celebrating a new amazing addition to the children and families of Turkey!