Eğlence Mekanları
360 İstanbul
Turkey’s first and only observation panoramic deck at the height of 236 meters situated at the top floor of Sapphire AVM. The building has plenty to offer visitors. Expect to enjoy the 360 degree view of the city and a 4D movie replicating the experience of flying in a helicopter over Istanbul. The deck also features a large shopping mall, fine restaurants, an indoor mini-golf course, vertical gardens and a swimming pool with views of the Bosphorus.
Waxworks Museum: You can also visit there Turkey's first and only Waxworks Museum.
Canlı Müze
Alive Museum (Canlı Müze) is Europe’s first - and the world’s largest - museum dedicated to trick art, originated from Japan and spread throughout the Far East, gradually gaining worldwide popularity. The museum is located at Vialand in the Eyup district and is featuring over 100 three-dimensional images.
There are no historical artifacts, national treasures or masterpieces, but people of all ages are flocking to a bizarre and colorful new museum in Istanbul where visitors can partake in the artwork.
Open since December 2008, Dolphinarium is bursting with fun. The 8,695 square meter park includes 4 dolphins, 2 white whales, 4 seals along with their trainers. There are indoor and outdoor areas with 7 swimming pools, an arena for 1,000 spectators, restaurants and cafes, gift shops and a parking lot for 120 vehicles at the park also. 4 to 6 performances will be held Tuesday-Sunday. Educational classes will also be held for students.
Swimming with dolphins: Touching and hugging the dolphin is definitely giving a person a charge of positive energy. Their indoor pool with the sea water is heated during winter months, so you can swim with the dolphins all year around.
Diving with dolphins: As you get into the water, you will immediately feel that there is no need for any worry, because the dolphins Prince, Princess, Matilda and Gera, together with the beluga whale named Sea-farer, are exceptionally welcoming hosts. They will cheerfully meet and greet you underwater as you enter the pool. They will swim around you with grace and dynamism as if encouraging you to do the same.
Interaction with Dolphins: Dolphins & Kids Interaction Program: a chance to meet a dolphin in person.
At Istanbul Dolphinarium our guests of all ages can have an unforgettable new adventure! It is possible now to touch, hug and play together with the true stars of their shows - enchanting bottlenose dolphins. Moreover, to enjoy this exciting opportunity, now the participants of this program do not have to be able to swim…
Dolphin Assisted Therapy: Dolphin Assisted Therapy (DAT) is a supportive alternative therapy mostly effective for children 3 - 16 years old.
Flyride Helikopter Turu
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has initiated Flyride helicopter tour simulation, which includes Istanbul and all of Turkey. In each session, 30 visitors simultaneously are capable of touring Istanbul in 11 minutes and Turkey in 14 minutes.
During the tour, visitors enjoy seeing the Ottoman history of Topkapi Palace, ancient Greek cities in Bergama and Ephesus, gladiators in Aspendos, the underwater world in Kas, unique beauty of Fethiye, magic of fairy chimneys in Cappadocia, ruins of Mount Nemrut and architecture of Mardin as well as Sumela Monastery and skiing in Mount Uludag.
The Istanbul helicopter tour includes the Bosphorus, Maiden’s Tower, Dolmabahce Palace, Hagia Sophia, Topkapi Palace, Sultanahmet, the Golden Horn, Rumeli Hisari and the Spice Bazaar.
Forestanbul (Macera Parkı)
Turkey's biggest open space adventure and activity park Forestanbul, one of the major missing outdoor activities in Istanbul.
65,000 m2 of Turkey's largest forest adventure, recreation, events and entertainment center Forestanbul both rich content business models and professionalism of the stress of the city for visitors.
- Macera Park
- Climbing walls
- Power Fan
- Rope sliding
- Poles on the rope trail
- Rope trail on a trees
- Giant Swing
- Paintball
İstanbul Akvaryum
Istanbul Akvaryum, the biggest thematic aquarium in the world, serves a different purpose, and that is to detach guests from everyday life and bring them close to the uncommon species of the marine world.
Amazon Labyrinth: Have you ever seen an interactive mirror labyrinth? In other words: “What about experiencing the escape from Amazon Rain Forest Labyrinth in the largest interactive mirror labyrinth of Europe?” You can start an explore in the Amazon and have many adventures within the theme of a rain forest animated by thousands of trees and a 200 m2 canopy with the efforts of discovering the source of the Amazon in this way.
Fish Feeding Hours At Istanbul Aquarium: Do not miss fish feeding sessions organised at 15:00 everyday in Istanbul Aquarium, the biggest thematic aquarium of the World. It is possible for you to watch this excellent show, during which their expert aquarists feed the most interesting living creatures of the aquarium, from main acrylic at West Atlantic space. They look forward to seeing you at Istanbul Aquarium, if you want to witness how Istanbul Aquarium eat their meals by following fish feeding session which starts at 15:00 everyday upon the invitation announcement is made within the aquarium.
Feeding of nurse sharks, guitar sharks, rays, groupers and other small sharks hosted in the main tank, at 11:00, a.m., every day, except for Monday, in front of Panama Tunnel.
Feeding of caiman crocodiles hosted in the Rain Forest, at 4:00 p.m., on every Saturday.
Feeding of sand tiger sharks hosted in the main tank, at 02:30 p.m., every Wednesday and Sunday, in front of West Atlantic main panel.
Flyride Helicopter Tour: FLYRIDE will get your feet off the ground!
From Ancient Greece to the Seljuks, from Byzantium to Ottomans… Ephesus, Aspendos, Nemrut, Cappadocia, Sumela Monastery and the other historical places…
Diving with sharks for 14 years old and more: You need to make a reservation by telephone number 444 97 44 or online from dalis@istanbulakvaryum.com
İstanbul Hayvanat Bahçesi
Darica is the unique zoo in Istanbul located on the Asia side. It is about 2 hours away from European side of Istanbul. Istanbul Zoo has about 2000 animals total of 200 different species of animals and 250 different kinds of plants. It is a botanical park and one of the biggest zoos in Turkey. Actually the park is located in Kocaeli, not in Istanbul but it is named Istanbul Zoo.
İstanbul Kelebek Çiftliği
Butterflies play an important role in the life of the world. The butterfly farm offers a great opportunity to recognize the balance and to learn about the life cycle.
Jurrasic Land
Jurassic Land is one of the biggest theme parks in Europe built on a ten thousand square meter area on an independent wing of the Forum shopping mall in Istanbul.
The project was initiated with the aim of contributing to the creativity and scientific curiosity of kids as well as giving a comprehensive insight into the world of dinosaurs to all of its visitors of various age groups. Children are invited to play in the 2000 square meter special open-air playground themed in the Jurassic age while parents are enjoying coffee on a green terrace.
Kids are granted an “Explorer Paleontologist Certificate” upon their discovery of dinosaur bones and eggs within special caves. During the digging experience they are provided with the necessary digging equipment and with accompaniment of the guides.
KidZania is the first international edutainment park for children, designed as a real city to provide the ultimate role of playing opportunities for kids aged 4 to 14 years old.
Children will have the opportunity to choose activities from more than 60 different activity fields and different levels which respond to their skills and interests. The activities allow kids to take the responsibility of more than 90 roles.
Children can choose the profession they like while being taught about that profession and they also wear a real uniform, which gives them the feeling of actually working in that field.
Pilots are using planes, secret agents are solving undisclosed issues, archaeologists are doing excavations and chefs are preparing delicious foods ranging from pizza to ice cream.
In return for the work they do, children gain “ KidZos” which is the official currency of KidZania and they are allowed to spend it! KidZos are valid through all KidZanias around the world, can also be used to purchase products and services.