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An-An Studio
There are many types of yoga, but the most well known are Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga.
Hatha Yoga is a type known to most of the Western world. The main feature of Hatha Yoga is to influence the mind through the body. Hatha Yoga consists of three main sections. These are asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises) and Savasana (relaxation). Posture, breathing and concentration is based on the Hatha Yoga teachings, the unity of body and mind, contains the totality.
Raja Yoga is the most outstanding in the type. Raja Yoga prepares the persons practices. In Hatha Yoga, the establishment is of the sovereignty of a soul, and thus ensures control centers to achieve higher consciousness as a tool. After this preparation Raja Yoga is ment for ones "Real Presence". The spirit, mind and body recognition, and it aims to make the ruling on. In Raja Yoga, we recognize the power of the Divine within us and outside is his mastery that ensures that world.
Cihangir Yoga
Cihangir Yoga, David Cornwell, Zeynep Aksoy and Rebekka Haas have years of experience in the art of yoga and thru the years have established a friendship that has now flourished into a wonderful business where they offer you their insight in the art of yoga.
They comply with the international standards of yoga.
Merih Kenet Yoga Studyosu
Children strengthen their physical, mental and spiritual body in a peaceful, balanced and harmonious way here.
In this environment, children learn to channel their energy and to use their imagination, thus creating a self-confidenc in self-expression.
The people following the yoga philosophy and those people practicing yoga are often called a yogi or yogini. They say that "conjunction", "coming together", "unity", "encounter" and "method" can be translated as another word for yoga.
If we were to try to explain yoga with a simple and concise narrative; body, starting from ones right to one's own self is a journey, is likely how we would have to phrase it.
At this facility children can begin to learn the basics of yoga and learn to be aware of the environment.
Yasemin Sari Terapia
Yoga for children living in families with compliance issues is a very effective method to help the children learn to comply. They do recommend that children practice yoga with their parents.
At this facility, yoga is accompanied with games and drama in order to give a child the most beautiful form of education and entertainment.
Yoga Akademi
Center for childrens yoga and Aikijutsu.
Yoga Darga
In the children's yoga program you can see the change in your children in the areas of:
• An increase in attention and concentration
• Muscle strengthning and an increase in the structure of balance
• Breathing exercises to increase lung capacity
• Contributions to motor coordination
• Increased flexibility and posture improvement
• Increased self-confidence and emotional balance
Yoga Evi
This school works with children in the neo-humanist approach that teaches them to have a sense of responsibility for their own lives and the environment.
They focus on the physical, emotional, intellectual, artistic, intuitive, imaginative and psychological balance within children and teach holistic development.