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Horseback Riding
Alkuzu Pony Ciftligi
Children aged 4 to 8 years old can take pony rides and riding lessons at the facility.
Ferhatbey Binicilik
Ferhatbey Binicilik has a tented, concrete indoor arena and an outdoor arena for riders to take a horseback ride in.
Fule Binicilik
Fule Equestrian Club is for equestrian riders of all ages and for those who want to try riding.
The facility does not require membership to the club to enjoy the outdoor and indoor riding arena.
There is club for children to develop balance and confidence; horse care and riding training programs are available also.
During the lessons, children learn boarding, landing, sitting, trot, canter, turns and stops in detail.
Gocmen's Ranch
Built on 300 acres of land in the Immigrant's Ranch forest, this facility has two open outdoor arenas and two indoor arenas.
Educational programs for all ages and levels are organized in the areas of dressage, riding, show jumping and jungle tours.
Gollu Binicilik
Tutoring programs for special groups can be organized at this open arena facility.
Lessons are given on weekends, and for students who wish to take courses on weekdays, please call for an appointment.
International K9 Horse Club
International K9 & Horse Club is an open riding area and also includes an indoor arena.
The equestrian sport is alive here and the Seven Years Riding lessons are offered here for children on an individual basis.
Lessons can also be arranged for specialized jumping and dressage riders.
Istanbul Atlispor Kulubu
Istanbul Equestrian Club, founded in 1956 in Maslak, has two covered outdoor arenas and an indoor riding school with ponies on a lush 40 acres of land.
Istanbul Binicilik Kulubu
Istanbul Equestrian Club has an outdoor riding area and two indoor riding areas. Here your children can take lessons in riding starting with ponies.
Equestrian training begins at a young age, and horsemanship training techniques are offered rather than letting children think of horse riding as a game.
They offer animation studies conducted mainly in the direction of advancing knowledge.
Kayra Horse Farm
Kayra At Çiftliği Kayra Horse Farm, located about 20 minutes outside of Istanbul, is in the shadows of a forest. The area is decorated with fruit trees, surrounded by greenery in a hidden paradise.
Kemer Golf & Country Club
One of the first names that come to mind in equestrian sports is Kemer Golf & Country Club.
The Equestrian Club specializes in jumping and dressage on a beautiful area of land and forest.
Every year Kemer Gold & Country Club hosts the Istanbul Horse Show Volvo World Cup.
Individual and group lessons, show jumping and dressage, horse training and "horse walking" lessons are available.
There are ponies for children, cross-country trails, jungle trips, 24 hour security and horse health intervention measures available at the facility.