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Sport Activities
212 Istanbul Power Outlet
212 Istanbul Power Outlet is the largest bowling center in Istanbul. The bowling venter has a terrace restaurant area where many social events can be held.
The bowling alley also has a cinema and a Playland play center. Two lanes are reserved for children.
Airport Bowling Eglence Merkezi
This bowling alley has a 2 lane bowling area, purple lights to enhance the fun, Walt Disney animation and visual effects that you can watch on large LCD screens and special lanes for children.
The alley also have an American AUDIO brand sound system, pool tables, and game machines that make your time more enjoyable. For younger guests there are many games and activities including: the Sports Fun Bus, Power Surge, and Out Run 2006 (Ferrari), and Sega (The House Of The Dead).
Akbati Bowling
Akbati has a seven lane bowling alley along with special lanes, bowling balls and shoes for children.
Alkuzu Pony Ciftligi
Children aged 4 to 8 years old can take pony rides and riding lessons at the facility.
An-An Studio
There are many types of yoga, but the most well known are Hatha Yoga and Raja Yoga.
Hatha Yoga is a type known to most of the Western world. The main feature of Hatha Yoga is to influence the mind through the body. Hatha Yoga consists of three main sections. These are asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing exercises) and Savasana (relaxation). Posture, breathing and concentration is based on the Hatha Yoga teachings, the unity of body and mind, contains the totality.
Raja Yoga is the most outstanding in the type. Raja Yoga prepares the persons practices. In Hatha Yoga, the establishment is of the sovereignty of a soul, and thus ensures control centers to achieve higher consciousness as a tool. After this preparation Raja Yoga is ment for ones "Real Presence". The spirit, mind and body recognition, and it aims to make the ruling on. In Raja Yoga, we recognize the power of the Divine within us and outside is his mastery that ensures that world.
Aras Karting
Aras Karting is a 65 meter long, 8 meter wide runway with start and finish lanes, as well a 115 meter long section where you can continue unabated.
Michael Schumacher’s preferred model, the RX7, is the kart of choice on the track at this park. The park offers a “kid-friendly” model of kart that was built with children’s safety in mind.
During the hours of 10:00 to 19:00 during weekdays and 10:00 to 15:00 on weekends, the park designates this time as “kid time” and is open only to guests 13 years old and younger and their companions.
The Atrium Shopping Center offers services to all ages including the Atrium Bowling Alley.
Istanbul's most modern go karting track with two alternative tracks: 550 and 950 meters.
The 550 meter track can be rented and used as a tournament track and the 950 meter track is used in professional racing.
Autodrom has 7 mini tracks for children and a total of 22 go-kart tracks that can be used for private groups with tournament organization available for corporate events.
Aydinoglu Club
Aydinoglu Club offers both summer and winter sports schools. They have experienced coaches and management to assist in swimming and tennis.
Each course is designed for the individual needs of children in the program.
Bab Bowling Cafe
The bowling alley has a lounge along with six lanes. Bab Bowling doesn’t have a special children’s area, however children are welcomed.