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Cooking Courses
Atolye Ful
Atolye Ful provides stimulating cooking courses that seeks to build your child’s social skills with fun. As children mix and play with these all natural ingredients in the workshops, there is no telling what can happen. You can choose to have an activity in your home, or on site with friends, and afterwards you can indulge in all the hand-made customized treats.
Atolye Krem Karamel
A kitchen designed with children in mind, Atolye Krem Karamel provides a comfortable space for children to host their own cooking fun. This establishment seeks to make the child the chief of the kitchen as they explore, learn and even teach!
Chef's Istanbul
Chef’s Istanbul offers you dynamic workshops, in-house cuisine, and consulting on how to prepare delicious full course meals from Mediterranean and Turksih cuisine. Appetizers, fresh Italian pasta, pastries and baked goods are just a sample of the dishes you will whip up in the kitchen with talented chefs.
Chocolate Workshop
Kahve Dünyası Want to know the secrets from the craftsmen of chocolate? Take a workshop in a fun learning environment and become a chocolate master. Bring the family to learn about the mouth-wathering chocolates and coffee the Chocolate Workshop has to offer.
Since 2000, Coccolat has offered original custom designed cakes, sweets, and a variety of savory and stylish dishes by those who know food. Partnering with Worlds Kitchen Bakery, in 2003, they began offering their first continuing education program, with classes in cake decoration and custom cuisine creation. Coccolat not only offers you the tastes and visual feast you can only dream of, but you will also find a warm environment that is perfect for family fun.
Cook Academy
Located in Mecidiyekoy, Cook Academy was created by two friends with a passion for design and taste. If you want to add flavor to your memories, these workshops are full of flavor, color and personalized designs of fresh baked cookies, cupcakes and savory cuisine.
Hotel Sarnic
While in Istanbul, why not take the time to learn some delicious Turkish recipes which you can share with your friends and family when you return home? The class is held in the hotel’s kitchen and features a local chef as an instructor. Recipes are provided for you to keep and the group enjoys a delicious meal of their own creation on the rooftop restaurant at the end of the session. Go with your own group or meet new people in the class. The class size, ranging from 4 to 10, allows for each person to actively participate in the food preparation.
Workshops offer preparation of 5 different dishes that visitors can eat afterwards.
Istanbul Kitchen's Academy
If you want to learn the intricacies of international cuisine from some of the industries most experienced chefs, Istanbul Kitchen’s Academy offers professional culinary and pastry training to ameteur and professional chefs alike. Here students will work in the kitchen with the latest technology, learning about Turkish cuisine from professionals. They also offer ameteur hobby courses and panels for food lovers as well.
Les Arts Turcs
Les Arts Turcs provides a professional home kitchen located in the Sultanahmet area for the travellers who want to learn about the real Turkish Cuisine in a friendly and relaxed environment. With different menu choices available, they teach techniques about all different types of Turkish & Ottoman foods. If you want to learn something special, it is no problem, let the instructor know and you can begin leaning that recipe as well.
MEST Atelier Culinaire
MEST Atelier Culinaire is described as a florist that transforms into a cooking class venue and a gourmet shop that provides catering services. MEST Atelier Culinaire is an ideal place to master the basics of world or Turkish Cuisine. It offers a wide range of tempting workshops covering diverse dishes such as fresh pasta, pizza, hors d'oeuvre, tapas and cocktails as well as offering cooking classes which cover world cuisines including Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, French and Ottoman. The kids' cooking workshop is also popular.