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Kids Clubs
Atolye 5
Atolye 5 transforms your everyday space by using materials to conduct experiments that spark curiosity about how we produce. Workshops, games and experiments that merge recycling, art and science will change the way that your child perceives their surroundings.
You can organize birthday parties and rent there for special celebration.
Aydin Cocuk Evi
Aydin Cocuk Evi provides a unique program featuring a blend of discplines for children aged 1 and older. A mixture of art, culture, science and human sensitivity, are part of the basics used here to encourage children to be confident and free-spirited. They host events like weekly barbeques, art, dance and drama lessons for your child’s enjoyment. Visit the website for more information.
Goztepe Traffic Education Park
Göztepe Park Cafe Goztepe Traffic Education Park is a place for the curious kids who want to use a vehicle in a fun and educational ‘traffic park’.
Electric toy cars are used to create a real life traffic experience as children learn the rules of the road.
Kindergarten and primary school education is also provided.
Gymboree offers children-oriented education and entertaining activities according to the child’s skills. With a combination of classes, sports, the school preparation program equipped with music and art, children are sure to have a complete and fun time. They offer a special schedule so please be sure to visit the website for more details.
Gymboree provides birthday parties.
Happy Family Club
Since 2008 Happy Family group has provided an array of child care activities and family services including but not limited to family pilates, play groups, and birthday parties. A professional staff trained in health care will organize a party with the theme of your choice and it is garunteed to be a great time!
They are available on weekends for birthdays and party organization from 10.00 to 20.00.
Happy Nest
Happy Nest is where you can pleasantly get lost in a story book with the children in a peaceful location on the countryside. They offer a wide variety of creative workshops and opportunities for development for your child. Trust your child to the trained staff and they will spend the day creatively expanding their minds. Visit the website for more on what they offer.
Birthdays, baby shower, tooth fairy, and other special celebrations are provided.
Helen Doron
Helen Doron Early English offers 18 different courses. Millions of children have learned English by thier method that includes, games, stories, workbooks, flash cards, story cards and songs. A comfortable and enjoyable environment helps children to learn in a fast, fun and totally naturally way, preparing children fort he international language exams.
Helen Doron also offers ballet courses and sport branches.
Joyfull House
Joyfull House has a more sophisticated program focused on skill development compared to classical nursery schools. With the development of our children in mind, a combination of several education programs (ministry of education, active learning, gems, scramper, reggio emilia) is implemented.
All activities encourage the children to analyze, ask questions, be self confident, creative, while promoting awareness and optimism with love and hope.
At joyfull House the first step of education starts with the play group…
Kids Inn
Kids Inn specializes in fostering happy children and peaceful families. By sharing their knowledg on child development and other subjects, they create a safe space where families can tune in to eachother. They understand that all parents want the best for their child, so workshops on topics such as sports and healthy eating are provided to help keep the family happy.
Kids Nook
A magical place where children can explore through reading. The most important feature of the Kids Nook is based on the classic concept of "tale-telling". Children are taken to a magical World as they watch a fairy tale unfold right on the Kids Nook stage. Adults can be trained and certified in ‘tale-telling’ techniques if they like.
Accommodations can be made for special occasions.