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Kids Clubs
23 Nisan Children's Library
23 Nisan Ulusal Egemenlik Çocuk Kütüphanesi This library, which literally translates as “23 April National Sovereignty Children's Library“ was opened in 1993.
The library has nearly 10,000 books and has organized reading days.
37 Sanat Merkezi
The Art Department at 37 Sanat Merkezi offers courses for Piano, Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Percussion, Violin, Saxophone, Flute, Cello, Singing, Eurytmics, Ballet, Modern Dance, Latin Dance. Check out the website for more details.
Afajans Gorsel ve Sanatsal Iletisim
This company offers a variety of interactive workshops designed to help children tap into their creative talent. With topics such as dance, theatre, puppet making, clay and creative drawing, you can pass the time in peace as your child sits and makes something wonderful. They have many workshops to choose from and also provide accommodations for birthdays upon request.
Akademi Cizgi
Akademi Cizgi Art Department offers workshops for those interested in ballet, dance, creative drama, music, photography, and percussion.
Amphora Ceramics
Amphora Ceramics provides special workshops for both children and adults. They also create and sell decorative accessories.
Atolye 5
Atolye 5 transforms your everyday space by using materials to conduct experiments that spark curiosity about how we produce. Workshops, games and experiments that merge recycling, art and science will change the way that your child perceives their surroundings.
You can organize birthday parties and rent there for special celebration.
Atolye Cocuk Evi
At Atolye Cocuk Evi, children aged 3 - 15 years old are able to engage in workshops focused on painting, story creation, creative drama, animation and film in a free and creative environment set to help them express themselves.
Atolye Ful
Atolye Ful provides stimulating cooking courses that seeks to build your child’s social skills with fun. As children mix and play with these all natural ingredients in the workshops, there is no telling what can happen. You can choose to have an activity in your home, or on site with friends, and afterwards you can indulge in all the hand-made customized treats.
Atolye Krem Karamel
A kitchen designed with children in mind, Atolye Krem Karamel provides a comfortable space for children to host their own cooking fun. This establishment seeks to make the child the chief of the kitchen as they explore, learn and even teach!
Atolye Lokomotif
At Atolye Lokomotif children ages 3 - 12 can participate in fun workshops taught by enthusiastic instructors. There is a wide range of classes being offered from ceramics to screen writing.